APM 2.6 Installation


I received a new APM 2.6 to replace my fried v1 on Monday. After doing some quick tests, I got to work installing the autopilot in the SkyEye. By removing a hunk of foam from the bottom (see the picture below) – you can place the autopilot and associated wiring and electronics below the wooden mounting board inside of the canopy. This gives the APM basically no overhead in terms of space. You can see in the picture to the left that the APM module, receiver, and USB cable are captured almost entirely below the wooden panel. The GPS/Compass sits above it in an attempt to get a “clear view” of the sky. We’ll see how that works. I’m a little worried about the magnet right above the compass.

Anyhow with the installation complete, I’m about ready to do some testing with the autopilot and parameter tuning.


Note the wear and tear on the nose where the SkyEye comes to a stop. It’s basically a big brake, no matter how good you land. Really needs some tape there.


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