Bridging MAVLink over the Internet using an Android Smartphone


So I’m posting about a neat little trick I am using to hook up to my APM without having to make a physical connection to a computer. What I’m doing is hooking up the APM to an Android phone using an OTG cable¬†and then using a nifty little app to forward the Serial Port connection over the smartphones Wifi radio. Here is the app I am using:

Redirector TCP_SerPort

If you hook it up to your APM’s USB port, you will want to select 115200 baud. You can then open up mission planner, select the “TCP” connection option, and enter the IP address and port from the app when prompted.

Using this trick you basically have telemetry control over your APM whenever the smartphone is within wifi range. And an OTG cable is a lot cheaper than a 3DR radio. :)

This trick most likely wont work on your cell network. The reason is most cell carriers have what is essentially a firewall between your phone and the rest of the internet. You have no control of this firewall so you are basically prevented from hosting any network servers over your cell connection. What you would need to do this is some sort of middleman. I may put something like this together, although I am not sure if it is practical to offer it to the public. I’ll let you guys know.

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