Interfacing with MAVLink

Now that the plane has been tested and I have a good idea of the components that I am going to need for this project, I’m moving on to development of the Android app that will sit on the plane and interface with the ArduPilot.

Early on, I realized one of the tasks for this project was going to be coding a better MAVLink library for Java. The existing libraries are simple message decoders – useful for taking in a binary stream of data and translating it into something somewhat meaningful, but otherwise just asking for messy spaghetti code to make use of them.

I’ve jumped on this in the past few days. I started with some baseline code that I “borrowed” from the open source Android app droidplanner and have since been tweaking it to create an event-driven, object oriented Java library that can be used to interface with my ArduPilot while maintaining some semblance of good coding practices. :)

The library will be made open source. Here is the Github:

This will be consuming most of my time for this project for the next few weeks.

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