YouTube for Glass

I released the first version of this app a couple of weeks ago, but I have finally finished polishing and optimizing it! This app allows you to watch YouTube videos on your Glass. The videos are taken from a YouTube feed and placed directly on your timeline, and you need only click on the video card that you want to watch and press “View Video” to get some video action rolling!

Watch YouTube on Glass!

You can get the source code for the app here: GitHub
You can download a compiled APK (and extras) here.

Installing this app from the compiled APK will use ADB. Please see my ADB tutorial if you do not have this working with your Glass. Getting it running is pretty simple actually. Just a few quick steps:


Installing the app

  1. Extract all the files in the same directory as ADB.
  2. Right click on the file .youtubeconfig and click “Edit” (or ‘Open with Notepad’)
  3. This is the configuration file, you will need to set it up to make the app work as you wish before you load it on your glass
    1. youtubeFeed should be set to the feed URL you wish to be sent to your Glass. I highly recommend you do your subscription feed if you are a YouTube user, and becoming a user and subscribing to some channels if you are not :) . If you go this route, you will want to un-comment the line
      by removing the pound (#) sign. Then, replace `<username>` with your YouTube username. Next, comment out any other line that starts with “youtubeFeed=” by adding a pound sign to the beginning of it. Finally, copy the URL to your favorite browser to make sure it works!
    2. queryInterval is how often the app will download the feed and add new videos to your timeline, in minutes.
    3. sendAllVideos determines whether or not all videos in the feed are packaged together on your timeline every time a new video is posted. If you set this to `false`, only new videos will be put on your timeline as they come in. I recommend leaving it to true.
  4. Save the changes to your configuration file and open up a command window and browse to your adb directory.
  5. Type `adb push .youtubefeedconfig sdcard/`
  6. Type `adb install YoutubeFeeds.apk`
  7. Type `adb install`
  8. Type `adb shell am start -n`
  9. Put your Glasses on and check out your timeline.

Using the App

Once you have installed the app, you should see a new card on your timeline that tells you what YouTube feed is being pulled and how often it is being pulled. This is the controller card, you can use it to stop the feed whenever you want. When you stop the feed, the controller card is pinned to the front of your timeline. You can then use this to start your feed back up. I recommend that you do not delete this card as it will be very difficult to start the feed up if you do.

This is the controller card where you can start or stop the feed and view the configuration settings.

After a few moments (if you are connected to the Internet), you should see your first video feed show up in your timeline. From here you can tap into the feed and tap on a video to view it. The first time you view a video, Glass will ask you how you want to launch it. Use the touchpad to scroll to the bottom of the selection menu and select “Always use this option”, then select YouTube. From now on you won’t be bothered by this.

Videos show up on your timeline complete with thumbnail images and durations!

At the end of every video feed there will be a new controller card that you can use to stop the feed. You can use these when your original controller card gets (inevitably) lost in your timeline.

Good luck and have fun!
Uninstalling the App

  1. Open up a command prompt and browse to the folder that has adb.
  2. Type `adb uninstall`
  3. Type `adb uninstall`
  4. Done!

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