GlassFeeds – RSS for Glass

I’m proud to publish my first Mirror API application, GlassFeeds. This app allows you to select several news sources which will be periodically used to push news stories directly to your Glass. From there, you can send the stories to Pocket or e-mail to be read later or share them with your friends.

GlassFeeds can be activated here:

Frankly, I can’t believe this isn’t one of the first applications to come out for Glass. I mean, right from the start, one of the original “apps” that came with Glass was NYT – lending to the thought that receiving news on Glass was one of the use cases Google had imagined. RSS seemed like a natural extension of that. Personally, I never liked the way the NYT app was laid out. I thought it basically grabbed your attention with a headline but gave you very little that you could do after that. I felt that at least being able to e-mail yourself a link would have helped.

Anyhow, noone made it, so I did. I have to say, I’ve been testing this for the last week and it has quickly become the #1 use for my Glass – receiving news and judging which stories I want to read later that is. I love this app, and I hope you guys do too.


Glass and Me

Hi, I’m James. I signed up to be a Glass Explorer at I/O 2012 with the skeptical attitude that at least I didn’t have to make any down payments so, what the heck? A year later, I made the trip to Santa Monica to pick up my very own pair for $1,500.00.

Glass is a rather remarkable (and polarizing) device. I do not personally like it the way it currently is, but I think that, much like early smartphones, it is necessarily crude and ugly. I think as the years build up on it and refinement comes into the picture we could very well begin to see the smartglasses we have all been dreaming of – indistinguishable from regular glasses but with all of the functionality (and more) of your smartphone.

With that thought – neigh, dream – in mind, I resolved to pick up a pair and join in on getting this train rolling, so to speak. I will be honest: my development work on Glass is and will largely be to suit my own needs. The community right now is just to small to do any serious work outside of what you immediately know and will use. I like music, aviation, programming and gadgets, so you can bet you’ll be seeing a lot of apps that cater to these interests. Having said that, the possibilities for Glass are vast, all we need are developers to work on fulfilling them. Half of this site will be devoted to my work on apps for Glass; the other half will be about how to accomplish things in Glass. I hope that the lessons I’m learning as Google’s test monkey can help other developers who are eager to learn and develop for the system.

So, with that, let’s get into it!

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