Sep 17, 2019 · Yes, it does say add 2-3 peppers in the recipe, but I decided to add the whole can (not wanting to waste any) and was figuring it would be bbq-ey, not hot. Well the whole can was about 20 peppers, which made it WAY too hot. Lesson learned! Pay attention to the recipe. Nov 08, 2015 · Angie, good question. It’s not easy to calculate this, it depends on what exact meat do you use, as Monique said. I calculated this recipe (with no topping) on our Recipe Analyzer and here are estimated values per serving (1/6 of recipe): 326 kcal Protein: 29.14 g Fat: 5.74 g Carbohydrates: 45.26 g Total saturated: 1.006 g Total trans: 0.014 g Feb 23, 2016 · Everyday Meatballs Generously adapted over the years from Ina Garten with some helpful tips from Luisa Weiss. Yield: 22 to 24 small (about 1.5-inch or 1.5 tablespoon) meatballs. 1 pound ground meat (I use a mix of beef and pork) May 17, 2021 · When it comes to roast chicken, dark meat lovers tend to get the better deal, this Baked Chicken Thighs recipe shows that chicken thighs are harder to overcook and more inherently juicy than chicken breasts.. Baking split chicken breast (remember, that’s chicken breast with the bone in and skin on) creates the same tender, roasted succulence that dark meat lovers enjoy, but with the lighter ... Jan 08, 2018 · It was delicious. I could have added the whole de-seeded jalapeno though. My mods: I used leftover shredded rotisserie chicken, 4 cups of chicken stock (base version), added only 1 1/2 cup of plain water, 2 cloves (instead of 1) of garlic, a can of black beans, some roasted corn and an extra tbs of chili powder (whoops). Sep 27, 2012 · Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers. We love stuffed peppers in my house, these are sooo good, I heavily debated saving this recipe for the cookbook! They have just the right amount of kick, but you can certainly turn the heat up a bit more if you like.